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Who Should I Contact After an Injury in Hamden, Connecticut?

Sacramone Law May 7, 2024

Injured man visiting attorney with his wifeYour First Call After Family

"Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer from Sacramone Law?"

Whenever you are injured, your primary focus should be on your health.
You're thinking about how your injury impacts your daily life, returning to work, and filling your role in the family.

You're working to understand the extent of your injuries, going to doctors, and possibly even recuperating in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sacramone Law can preserve your legal claims in a manner that will maximize the true value of your losses.

I investigate the accident and collect evidence to support your case, like photos of the accident scene, doctor reports, and witness statements.

I make a spirited effort to settle your case, and, if necessary, I am ready to go to trial to obtain fair compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. If you live in New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, Waterbury, or anywhere else in Connecticut, reach out to my office in Hamden today.

Skilled Legal Counsel When...

Scenario #1 - The At-Fault Party Does Not Admit Fault or Blames You

  • Typically the insurance company of the person who is at fault and caused your injuries will not accept responsibility or agree to pay you for the losses you sustained.

  • The insurance company will not recognize your injuries or acknowledge that your injuries were a result of the accident (as opposed to a pre-existing condition or an unrelated event).

  • The insurance company states that your careless conduct contributed to the accident, or will blame it on somebody else.

Scenario #2 - The At-Fault Party Discounts the Lifelong Impact of Your Pain and Suffering

  • They have no regard for how an injury affects you because of your unique life.

  • They will not recognize the permanency of your injuries, and the lifelong consequences of pain, diminished function, diminished life activities, income, medical expenses, etc.

Scenario #3 - The At-Fault Party Is Not Adequately Insured

  • Issues arise when the person at fault is not insured or underinsured relative to your losses.

  • What to Expect from Sacramone Law as Your Personal Injury Attorney

    You’ve been hurt physically, emotionally, and financially.
    Let us be your advocate to challenge those who would not treat you fairly.
    Together we'll stay positive, and do the work to overcome your setbacks.

    Focused Representation

    At Sacramone Law, no matter where in Connecticut you live, I am ready to meet you and learn about your accident and the extent of your injuries. I also insist on learning about your unique life including family, work, interests, responsibilities, goals, and aspirations. Only by getting to know you can I fully appreciate how your injuries have affected you physically, emotionally, and financially. Only then can I fully evaluate your losses and make a comprehensive and spirited demand for compensation from those who are responsible.

    Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

    Did you know that only 4%-5% of personal injury cases in the United States go to trial, and the rest are settled in the pre-trial phase?

    And that the jury trial process can take several years?

    For further details on how I can best help you, schedule a consultation with my firm in Hamden. I proudly serve clients throughout Connecticut, including New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, and Waterbury.

    How Sacramone Law Has Helped Clients

    • Personal Injury - Client suffered four broken ribs as a passenger in the rear seat of an automobile that was stuck broadside by a pick-up truck exiting a private driveway.

    • Personal Injury - Crane operator died when his barge-mounted crane collapsed and toppled into the river while lifting a beam during bridge construction.

    • Medical Malpractice - Medical malpractice action commenced against health care providers for failure to diagnose cervical vertebra fracture resulting in displacement of the fracture and the application of halo brace.

    • Medical Malpractice - Action commenced against a physician who failed to diagnose and properly treat Client for pneumonia. Client died from complications caused by an abscess that formed in her lung.

    Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.