Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start

How Do You Break the Debt Cycle?!

You've been struggling to meet the financial challenge of debt.

High interest rates are overwhelming you.

Credit card companies and collection agencies are not willing to work with you on a solution.

You need help to hit the "debt reset" button.

We recognize your good intentions to work hard to find a solution. You deserve a Fresh Start.

Bankruptcy can help you settle unreasonable demands, and stop collection efforts. Bankruptcy can help to resolve your financial hardships.

If you're looking to eliminate credit card debt, stop collection actions or stop a foreclosure, you've come to the right place.

Bankruptcy Basics

The loss of a job, serious illness, or a divorce, are life changing events that often cause financial hardship. Not only is it difficult to pay your bills, but creditors may be hounding you, and you might even be facing foreclosure of your home. A bankruptcy can be an effective and relatively quick remedy to eliminate debt or save your home from foreclosure, and start to get you back on solid financial footing.

Bankruptcy is a procedure, controlled by Federal law, which allows you to discharge your debt. Dischargable debt can be credit card bills, utility bills, medical bills, car loans, and mortgage loans. The discharge is commonly described as a “Fresh Start,” which is a core principle of the relief intended by bankruptcy law.

Discharge Debt

A discharge is an order entered by the Federal Bankruptcy Court that acts as an injunction. This order prohibits your creditors from taking any further action to collect a debt against you personally, or against your property, including wage attachments and harassing phone calls. In effect, the discharge cuts off your personal liability for the debt permanently. Bankruptcy champions your rights against the creditors who are holding unsecured debt (i.e. credit cards) and secured debt (where the creditor has an interest in your property as collateral, like car loans and mortgages).

Some types of debt are not usually dischargeable, such as student loans, domestic support orders, and income tax obligations. However, in some instances, even student loans and income taxes can be discharged.

A Fresh Start

The Fresh Start program allows you to keep ownership in certain real and personal property that are exempt and therefore beyond the reach of creditors. You do not have to give up your ownership interest of all of the property you own in order to receive a discharge of your debt. This makes sense because your Fresh Start would be severely compromised if you had to give up your property.

The Law Offices of Frank Sacramone Jr. LLC is designated as a Debt Relief Agency under the Bankruptcy Code. Frank Sacramone Jr. has been successfully filing bankruptcy cases for Connecticut residents in financial need since 1984.

A Character Witness

"'I cannot say enough about how highly I regard the Law Offices Of Frank Sacramone Jr. LLC. Not only is Frank a great attorney, he is also an exceptionally kind and caring person. Despite the circumstances of my visit to his office, I was instantly put at ease by him and his staff the moment I stepped in the door. Frank and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and go above and beyond for their clients. I highly recommend The Law Offices Of Frank Sacramone Jr. LLC."


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